Michel Martelly haes been declarit winner in the Haitian presidencial eleccions.  Yestreen the umquhyle singer promised the income o a “new era” in Haiti, bit his bet rival Mirlande Manigat sayed she wis fair “scunnert” bi the result o the pollin.

“A’m gey proud tae hae been caaed tae serva ma kintra.  Me, the badlin, A hae receivit yer confidence,” the furmer singer declared in his furst press conference as president eleck o the Caribbean kintra.

bi Bob Fairnie

The Scots language will only survive if the Scots nation yaises it for ilka-day spoken communication.  It disnae maitter a docken hou weel it gets written, if it disnae get spoken, it will dee oot.  Ilka time a Scot haes somethin tae say an disnae say it in Scots, thon’s anither nail in the deid-kist o the mither tung.  Whit’s e’en waur an daes e’en mair skaith tae the weird o the language is whan fowk stauns up tae praise the mither tung an tae cry for its survival but disnae dae it in Scots.  “I’ve had my Scots educated out of me,” is the excuise that’s gien.

The UK Fremmit Office haes gied out wyce tellin Breitish ceitizens bydin in or veisitin the Yemen tae lee belyve whan ther stull commercial flichts out o the kintra.  The FO haes statit hit haes gied the wyce “in light of the rapid deterioration in the security situation”.  The sou Arabian state, the puirest kintra in the Arab warld, haes seen stramash an violence brek out efter protests agin the 32 yeir rule o President Ali Abdullah Saleh.  Feirs rins hie at protests efter services at the mosques the day, the Islamic hailie day, wull gar the unchancie seitiacion tae turn een waur.

Hugo Chávez, president o Venezuela an yae o the fyow freins o Libyan dictator Muammar Ghaddafi is on a short veisit ti the South American kintra o Uruguay the nou.  Yestreen at a press conference in the Uruguayan capital o Montevideo, he wis speirt bi Latin-American journalists anent his relacionshap wi the Libyan leader, nou fechtin fur the survival o his regime.

Control o braidcastin is a pouer at the governament o Catalunya hauds, no the central governament in Madrid.  Catalunya haes taen full advanteige o this fur tae create a TV netwark o hits ain.  Scotland steys wiout yae single nacional tv channel, cep yae channel in Gaelic at guid tho hit is stull cannae be received bi aa in the kintra.  Houeer jist yestereen Artur Mas, president o the Generalitat de Catalunya an heid o the Catalan governament, proposed at Catalunya haes anither, at wud tak the total nummer o Catalan public channels ti seiven.