The public birse in the Mid Eist ower undemocratic and corruptit governaments conteinaes tae spreid.  Furst Tunisia an Egypt, than Bahrain, Yemen an Libya, an nou the Ba’ath regime in Syria is the latest tae wutness a sairious challenge ti hits rule.  The Ba’ath pairtie haes ruled Syria sin 1963 whan hit tuik pouer in a coup d’etat.  A state o emergencie an suspension o civil liberties haes been kep in place in the kintra fur aa that time.

The electric caur huz came a lang wey since ra days ae Sir Clive Sinclair an ra wee Sinclair C5.  Toutit at ra time as ra future in motorin, hit died a death.  But technology disnae stey stull, an times chynges.  Noo a new electric caur huz jist been pit oot oantae ra mercat.  Unlike ra auld Sinclair C5, at tae monie fowk wisnae nuhin mair ‘an a glorified weans bogie, these yins is proper motors.

The news wis announced yestreen o the sad daith o screen starn Elizabeth Taylor.  The actress losst hur lang fecht agin multiple halth problems and deed o congestive hert failure in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.  Bi the wey o hur publicist Sally Morrison, Miss Taylor haed hur fower bairns bi hur side whan she deed.

In a kintra sae rich in watter as Scotland, we kin tak whit we hae fur grantit.  But athort the warld, hit is estimatit at mair nor 1.1 bullion fowk is in want o access ti clein drinkin watter.  

San Antonio Ojital is a native fermtoun in the toun o Papantla in the Mexican state o Veracruz.  Hit hauds aroun 350 indwallers in 54 faimlies. The fermtoun haes been out o contack wi the warld syne the ainerlie road at jynes hit ti the rest o the province wis cut aff bi an archaeological pairk.  Rin bi the Mexican Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) the Ciudad del Trueno,’ceitie o thunner’, pairk lerns veisitors about the acheivements o the Papayuco Totonac fowk, the auncestors o the modren fowk o San Antonio Ojital.

Efter a camstairie kippil o weiks in the warld news, the Arab rebelliouns an the threesum yirdquake, tsunami an nuclear mishanter at haes cowpit Japan, oncomes in anither kintra malafoustert bi a yirdquake ower a yeir syne haes bene owerleukit.  In Haiti thae war haudin the furst presidential elecciouns syne the yirdquake o 2010 at sene mair nor 300,000 fowk loss thair lyfes.  Voters wis speirt tae pick atwein Mirlande Manigat, umquhyle furst ladie an senatour, a lang-staunin estaiblishment feigur in Haitian poleitics, an Michel ‘Sweet Micky’ Martelly, a weill-kent musician at haesnae hauden onie public office afore.