A Glesga grannie haes bene tellt bi Glesga Counsil at she maun lee hur hame o 34 yeir fur tae mak wey fur athletes dwallins fur the Commonwalth Gemmes.  Mrs Margaret Jaconelli o Dalmarnock in the Eist Enn o Glesga haes lost a lang legal fecht wi the Counsil tae stey in hur ain hous, a twa bedruim flat.  Aa the ither houses in the close an in the streit is nou staunin tuim an is buirdit up, but Mrs Jaconelli is an awner-occupier an wull no be decantit bi the Counsil onless thae pey fair upmak.

Atlantis mibbie no funn efter aa is no sae dramatic a heidlyne as some anent this storie, but hit’s a muckil wey neirer the truith nor some ye’ll see in the media this weik.  Ther monie fowk at haes sayed thae ken whaur the leigendarie ceitie o Atlantis is.  Some trews at Atlantis wis in Crete, an wis destroyed bi a volcanic erupcioun, ithers at hit ligs aneith the Yles o Scillie aff Cornwall, yit ithers – at mibbie lykes thair whigmaleiries –  trews it wis in Peru or wis a steid whaur aliens frae anither plenit byded.

A report publisht yistreen bi the Scots Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS) consortium, an fundit bi the Scots Government, gies evidence at Scotland cud heid the warld in carbon capture technologie, an create ower 13,000 jobs in the industrie in Scotland in the neist twal yeir.  Bi the wey o the report, Scotland is weill-pit tae mak yuis o hits airts an expairience in the yle an gas industrie fur tae become a warld leider in the new technologie.

Carbon capture technologie is a wey o reddin out an grippin haud o the pairticles of carbon funn in the reik frae yle, coll and gas pouer staciouns.  Bi takin the carbon out o the reik, ther nae carbon emissiouns inti the atmosphere, makin fossil eldins carbon neutral.  But the muckil problem wi the technologie, up ti nou, haes bene whit tae dae wi the carbon efter hit’s bene catchit.  

Rescue ettils conteinaes in Japan efter the yirdquake an tsunami at chappit the nor-eist o Japan on Fryday.  Tho at 8.8 on the Richter scale the quake wis yae o the lairgest at haes ivver bene recordit bi scientists, the shouggilin o the grunn an the destruccioun o biggins an infrastructure didnae create muckle loss o lyfe.  Japan haes the maist strick biggin codes in the warld, an the laich daith toll frae the yirdquake hitsel is a testiment ti the airts o Japanese engineers.

Houever nae biggin code cud proteck Japan frae the pouer an micht o the tsunami at follaed the quake.  A tsunami is creatit whan the fluir o the sea is mudged up or doun bi the yirdquake.  Whan this happens the hail buddie o watter abuin the quake-zone is liftit up or drappit doun, makin a wave-front at traivels out frae the epicenter.  Whan this wave-front wins tae shallae watters neir ti land, hit bings up on hitsel makin waves at kin grow monie meters heich.  Onlyke waves creatit bi the wind, at haes a gey short distance atween ilka wave crest, tsunami waves haes a gey lang distance atwein ilka wave crest, producin frichtsome waves at haes the pouer an strenth fur tae redd awaa biggins an conteinae spreidin deip inlaund.

The Naitral Historie Museum (NHM) in London haes greed efter a lang campaign bi the indigenous indwallers o the Torres Strait Eylands in Australia tae gie back the skelets an banes o 141 eylanders.   The bouks wis taen frae thair buirial steids bi European explorers, meissiounaries an anthropologists ower the bygane twa hunner yeir, maist aft wi nae permeissioun or greeance frae local fowk.  Maist o the banes endit up in museums or in the hauns o privat collectours.

The banes heild bi the NHM cam frae a weim on the eyland o Pulu at is sacrit ti the Mabiuag fowk.  The remains wis taen awaa an sellt bi a meissionarie teacher efter the communitie convertit ti Christianitie.  The Museum bocht thaim frae a traffecker in 1884.