bi Paul Kavanagh

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Scotland’s national leids haes tradeitionally been kep oot o public signs an notices.   This stertit tae chynge slawly in the hinn-enn o the 20t century an inti the day, an noo the Gaelic  haes a wee but growin yuis on signs and notices in public places.  In the Pairlament biggin aa public signs is in Inglish an the Gaelic, giein the Gaelic aiqual dignity an respec at Holyruid – an that is exactly hoo it suid be.  Bit the Gaelic stull haes a lang wey tae gang afore public signs an notices in the leid is seen fur common, altho a siccar fuithaud haes noo been estaiblisht.

bi Stuart McHardy

Gliog an seo gus an aiste seo leughadh sa Ghàidhlig
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The past couple o decades haes seen a growein interest in the Picts, the auld fowk that were bidin in Scotland whan the Romans invadit fae England.  Ower the centuries ther haes been monie theories o wha they were an whaur they’d come frae.  Nouadays wi advances in archaeology an ither areas we hae whit micht be a clearer notion than ivver afore. Mebbe.

bi Bob Fairnie

Leavin oot thochts o the European Pairlament aw thegither, oo can threap Scotland haes its ain Pairlament.  Scotland haes its ain Scottish Government.  Scotland haes repraisentation in the British Pairlament.  Whit daes England hiv?  England haes repraisentation in the British Pairlament.  Whare’s England’s English Pairlament?  Whare’s England’s English Government?

bi Bob Fairnie

Is it ony wunner at aw that mature professional Scots disnae feel aw that canty tryin tae speak Scots in formal or e’en in informal forgaitherins o thair peers?  Efter bein telt for years at the scuil tae stop yaisin thon common street slang an lairn tae speak proper, they war fleetched tae redd thae common words an habits oot thair speech.

bi Bob Fairnie

Daes onybody believe awthin they read in the local or naitional newspapers thae days? But ne’er mind awthin, daes onybody believe onythin they read in the papers thae days? It’s been gaun on for a guid while noo an no juist the papers. The TV an wireless fowk is juist as bad if no waur.