by Bob Duncan

Last week the Stornoway Emergency tug was mysteriously withdrawn for the second time in six months, with no indication as yet from the British Government as to when and if it might be restored. This has left a huge area of coastline, with many of the busiest, roughest and most complex seas in the UK, with no emergency cover whatsoever.

By Alex Robertson

The news reported in Newsnet Scotland that Mr. Peter de Vink has been deselected as a Tory councillor, punished, because he hosted a lunch for the First Minister, and in the invitation described independence as an attractive option for Scotland, is a wake-up call for those who campaign for a YES vote in the upcoming referendum.

By Hazel Lewry

In dialogue over the upcoming referendum there’s been much noise from those of a Unionist persuasion of the benefits of the present political arrangement.  Three centuries into this forced marriage Scotland is still waiting to discover the benefits that accrue to her.  Tangible benefits, not simply feel-goods for a few.

By Dave Taylor

Dear David,

I do hope that you don’t object to my using your first name, but I’m sure that you want to appear as a friend to all those of us who live in Scotland.

Alas, you don’t seem to be very good at that. I’ve emailed you and even invested in a stamp to send you a letter when there was no response, but still you don’t reply.

By a Cybernat Reporter

Before we begin I must ask you to check your computer isn’t being monitored by the UK authorities.  It may also be wise to swing your head around to check for Unionist agents.

All clear?