By a Newsnet reporter

The Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) has relaunched with a new website and programme to contribute to the referendum debate.  SIC was founded in 2005 as an independent organisation to encourage cross-party and no-party participation in the campaign for Scottish independence. 

The group first campaigned for a referendum, but now that the referendum is due to take place, SIC has relaunched with a new focus, campaigning for a Yes vote in 2014.

By Martin Kelly
Labour MSP Paul Martin has been left looking foolish after failing to adhere to the proper procedure after Scottish Labour tried to make yet another complaint against First Minister Alex Salmond.
The embarrassing gaffe happened after Mr Martin claimed that having a cup of tea with SNP supporting lottery winners in Bute House may have breached the Ministerial Code.

By a Newsnet reporter

The SNP’s Westminster Transport spokesperson, Angus MacNeil MP, has angrily lashed out at the UK Government over this week’s petrol panic, describing the Cameron Government as “deeply dysfunctional” and “unfit to govern”.

Mr MacNeil’s remarks come after it came to light that the UK Government may have deliberately created the crisis in order to score political points against their Labour rivals, and to distract public attention from the negative reception received by last week’s Budget and the controversy over donations to the Conservative party.

By a Newsnet reporter

With Labour spectacularly losing the Bradford West by-election, the SNP published an analysis of polling evidence showing that all three Westminster party leaders – Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg – are even more unpopular in Scotland than they are in the English region containing Bradford.

By G.A.Ponsonby

The Labour party may have damaged its relationship with several leading newspapers over its distribution of a press release containing details of its complaint after First Minister Alex Salmond shared a cup of tea with Scottish Lottery winners Chris and Colin Weir.

Newsnet Scotland has learned that some journalists are furious after their newspapers were omitted from a list of those notified by Labour of their ‘tea party’ complaint.

By Angela Miller

The main theme at FMQs was that of education, with both Johann Lamont and Ruth Davidson combining to attack the First Minister on the Curriculum for Excellence and Scottish Education as a whole.  

It began with an encouraging statement from the First Minister that Scotland had surpassed its 31% renewables target for 2011 and was in fact generating 35% of its energy requirements from renewables.  He added that this was an extraordinary achievement for Scotland.

By Jack Thomson

In a boost to the claim of the Scottish Government that an independent Scotland would accede to EU membership without encountering opposition, a senior research fellow at the London School of Economics, has published an article showing that Scotland would face little opposition to EU membership from existing member states and its membership would not be vetoed, as has been claimed by a number of anti-independence campaigners.