By a Newsnet reporter

The SNP has condemned Labour scaremongering over free bus passes and said their campaign was further evidence of how desperate the party has become in the run up to the local elections.  

The SNP condemnation came after Labour claimed that free bus passes for older people and disabled people in Scotland were under threat due to a cut in the Bus Services Operator Grant.

By a Newsnet reporter

The SNP have questioned whether Labour’s failure to oppose a Tory tax cut for millionaires on Monday evening was a “screw-up” or tribalism after a tweet by Labour’s shadow Scotland office minister Willie Bain MP revealed that there is “a long-standing PLP convention that we do not support SNP motions”.  The admission raises difficult questions for Labour’s shadow Scotland Secretary Margaret Curran, whose office was copied into the email exchange which was leaked yesterday.

By a Newsnet reporter

The SNP and Plaid Cymru have expressed astonishment after an advisor to Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, admitted that Labour had made a “screw-up” by not voting with the SNP and Plaid Cymru to oppose Tory plans to cut the top rate of tax for the highest earners.

The leaked admission reveals embarrassing efforts by Labour staff to claim their abstention had been intended, and advice to Scottish Labour’s press office to “hold off releasing line in Scotland just yet, in the hope that it is ignored.”

By a Newsnet reporter

Arch-unionist Michael Forsyth has expressed his belief that we are now close to the point where independence is in both Scotland and England’s interests and has denounced the unionist parties for being in a “shambles”.  Mr Forsyth added that the anti-independence parties were being “played” by the Scottish Government over the Scotland Bill.

By a Newsnet reporter

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has been criticised after suggesting that Scotland’s budget will be cut if Scots reject independence in the 2014 referendum.

In a series of slip-ups at their sparsely attended party conference in Troon at the weekend, the Tory leader in Scotland revealed that plans to cut Scotland’s funding if the anti-independence parties get their desired ‘No’ vote and maintain the constitutional status quo.

By Dave Taylor

An analysis of a Sunday Times YouGov poll has piled more misery on David Cameron as his ratings plummet and his party’s “pensioner poll tax” is shown to be the most unpopular in Scotland.

While the small Scottish subsamples in a GB wide poll are of little use in assessing voting intention, they are useful in giving a picture of general attitudes.

By Andrew Barr
Hundreds of internal UK Government e-mails revealing fears of radioactive contamination at Dalgety Bay have been obtained by a Scottish Sunday newspaper.
According to the Sunday Herald the chairman of the UK government’s advisory Committee on the Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment, Professor Alex Elliot, has accused the Health Protection Agency of downplaying the public health risks from Fife’s Dalgety Bay.