By Martin Kelly
Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has been called on to distance herself from comments described as “offensive to Scotland” made in the House of Commons by Labour MP Anas Sarwar.

Speaking in a debate on Tuesday in which MPs voted to grant Holyrood the powers to hold a legally binding independence referendum, Mr Sarwar claimed the Scottish Parliament was “not a democratic place”.

  By a Newsnet reporter
Two Glasgow Labour councillors have been accused of being unfit to represent the city after sanctioning a half million pound payout to a regeneration agency boss that was later ruled as ‘misconduct’.
The ruling by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) followed a year long investigation into the decision to award a ‘golden goodbye’ of £500,000 to former Chief Executive of Glasgow East Regeneration Agency, Ronnie Saez.

  By G.A.Ponsonby
An organisation set up in memory of the late Jimmy Reid has stepped into the row over the cancellation of a Holyrood debate on universal benefits.
The Jimmy Reid Foundation, named in honour of the former Trade Union Activist who was one of Scotland’s most respected political orators, has called on the Scottish Labour party to back a Holyrood debate which was cancelled on a technicality.

  By a Newsnet reporter
A group of pro-Union protestors have held a demonstration outside the constituency office of Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.
Saturday’s protest, organised by a Facebook group ‘Don’t Break Our Unity’, backed calls for an end to the recent decision to limit the number of days the Union flag can be flown over Belfast City Hall.

  By a Newsnet reporter 

The Scottish National Party has challenged Labour to outline its own vision for the transition of Faslane from a nuclear to a conventional naval base, or risk its claim to support multilateral disarmament becoming completely meaningless.

The SNP also attacked what it described as “Labour’s half-hearted and token support for nuclear disarmament” arguing that independence is the only way of ridding Scotland of nuclear weapons.

  darlingBy a Newsnet Reporter 

The chairman of the Better Together campaign against Scottish independence has said that it would be “desirable” and “logical” for an independent Scotland to keep the pound.

In an interview with Gordon Brewer on Thursday’s Newsnight Scotland programme, Alastair Darling said that a currency union between Scotland and the rest of the UK would be the best available option for both parties.

  By a Newsnet reporter
First Minister Alex Salmond has been cleared of breaching the Ministerial Code after a row over whether he had lied about seeking EU advice on the membership of an independent Scotland in the EU.
In a judgement released today, principal of Reading University, Sir David Bell cleared Mr Salmond after the First Minister referred himself for investigation following a complaint by Labour MEP Catherine Stihler.